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Binaural Beats Bundle

Elixeir Beats Bundle

“All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” —Buddha

We are what we think. Who we are, what we have and our accomplishments are the result of our existing thoughts and beliefs.

Our body and mind are interconnected and according to recent studies, improving one will result in enhancing the other.

By changing our thoughts we can change our world. We can deeply improve our physical, mental and spiritual health.

We, with utmost care, have created a set of profoundly effective binaural beats audio files to help you to discover and improve your inner treasure. Binaural Beats is a relatively new technology that helps to alter our brainwaves in a positive way.


Bundle anger anxiety

Reduce Anger & Anxiety

Bundle stress depression

Alleviate Stress & Depression

Bundle positive thinking


Bundle super brain

Super Brain

Bundle memory creativity

Memory & Creativity

Bundle deep meditation

Deep Meditation

Bundle usage guidline

Usage Handbook (PDF)


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Mental Health

In Anger & Anxiety, Stress & Depression tracks by entering the brain in a detached awareness state we will make it easier for your conscious and subconscious mind to be linked. By creating a receptive state of mind, we assist you to:

  • Calms the chatter of your mind
  • Reduce mental fatigue, anxiety, and stress
  • Increase your sense of inner peace and emotional stability

Brain Performance

Within Super Brain, Memory & Creativity and Self-Confidence tracks, by producing alpha and theta beats, that give you the ability to process large amounts of information in relatively small amounts of time, we help you to:

  • Have heightened intuition and inspiration
  • Increase vividness of your visualizations
  • Trigger creative and imaginative ideas
  • Increase memory retention and concentration for super learning

Spiritual Health and Development

Using Deep Meditation track you can enhance your meditation practices. It will help you to deepen your meditation experience quicker than usual.

This track helps you to have the deepest relaxation, deepest spiritual connection and deepest connection with the subconscious mind. In this state:

  • Experience self awareness
  • Have a pleasant personal and spiritual journey
  • Increased psychic abilities and sense of spiritual connection
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Avatar ken wilber@high
There’s a technology that can be used to raise human consciousness. It’s called binaural beats.
Ken Wilber, American writer, philosopher, and public speaker
Avatar john kiebeskind@high
It’s difficult to try to responsibly convey some sense of excitement about what’s going on. You find yourself sounding like people you don’t respect. You try to be more conservative and not say such wild and intriguing things, but damn! The field is wild and intriguing. It’s hard to avoid talking that way… We are at a frontier, and it’s a terribly exciting time to be in this line of work.
John Kiebeskind, Neurophysiologist, UCLA
Avatar candace pert@high
There’s a revolution going on. There used to be two systems of knowledge: hard science — chemistry, physics, biophysics — on the one hand, and, on the other, a system of knowledge that included ethology, psychology, and psychiatry. And now it’s as if a lightning bolt had connected the two. It’s all one system neuroscience… The present era in neuroscience is comparable to the time when Louis Pasteur first found out that germs cause disease.
Candace Pert, Neurochemist, National Institute of Mental Health


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Frequently Asked Questions

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